Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Snow is finally melting, and Spring finally insight grass will be reappearing everywhere.

Many dog owner wonder why their dogs eat or chew grasses.  Dog’s ancestor ate grasses, berries, even

chewed some barks to get some nutrients they may be missing. As a predator wolves, coyotes, foxes

often ate their kill whole ingesting the prey’s stomach content which were grasses or seeds.

Grass is everywhere so it’s very accessible to our dogs if the dog does have an upset tummy they will

look for the closest natural remedy to relieve gases.  So often dogs will chew on grass then vomit, most

Veterinarians will not be concerned if your dog eats grasses and vomits. The Vet may discuss your dogs

diet, and suggest a more quality and balanced diet. If your dog is constantly eating grass and vomiting,

definitely contact your dog’s vet it may be an indication of a underline problem.


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