Thursday, 20 March 2014

Story time

I think every Thursday I will write a story about a situation that can be avoided and maybe help save a life.

I use to work at a Oakville Animal Hospital. The receptionist at the time lived close and would go home for lunch and let her little dog out. On this particular day it was beautiful Spring day sun shining and very warm, she and her dog sat out on her back deck having lunch.  Unfortunately the little Schnauzer had a choke collar on.
I can't remember if the tags or the loop of the choke collar slid down the crack of her deck. As the dog tried to get up, he started to struggle Vivien thought he was having a seizure not realizing his collar was stuck. Vivien panicked her dog struggled harder with her panicking. No amount of pulling could get that collar unstuck and the dogs airway was being obstructed. She couldn't cut through the chain. So the boards of the deck had to be smashed to release the dog. She then rushed him to work.
He came in quite blue from lack of oxygen but freed from the deck had an open airway. We gave him oxygen and his colour returned. It was a happy ending he spend an afternoon on her lap with all of the clients cooing over him.

The moral of this story, please never leave choke collars on dogs left unattended. Also if your not walking him why have a choke collar on?

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