Sunday 14 August 2016


Know Thy Dog Canine Care and First Aid course is designed to teach dog owners
 First aid and how to be more pro-active in maintaining their dog's health.

This 9 hour course is a very interactive class with owners learning all the techniques on their own dogs, such as vitals, taking temperature, heart rate, Emergency First Aid AR, CPR, and Choking and
General care from the top of their nose to the tip of their tail.

August 23rd 30th and Sept 6th starting at 6:30 to 9:30
Please call Julia 613-697-7966

Sunday 7 August 2016

Connection Between Your Dog's Diet and His Separation Anxiety?

What's the Connection Between Your Dog's Diet and His Separation Anxiety?

Excerpted from Nicole Wilde's book Don't Leave Me!

You're probably wondering what on earth your dog's diet has to do with his stress levels when left alone. The answer is, plenty. Have you ever drank one cup of coffee too many and gotten that jittery, wired feeling? You might have snapped at your co-workers, been more impatient than usual when waiting in line, or reacted with vitriol when someone cut you off in traffic. Likewise, have you noticed the way kids act when they've eaten too much sugar? They can become cranky and hyperactive. What we ingest has a direct effect on our nervous system. A long-term diet of sweets and processed foods will surely impact our health, but it may also cause us to feel less emotionally balanced, and even depressed, anxious, or angry. By the same token, eating a healthful diet contributes to a state of well being both physically and emotionally. It's no different for dogs.

Dog food that is built on inferior protein sources and laden with unhealthy chemicals, preservatives, and excess sugars can contribute to issues such as hyperactivity, restlessness and nervousness. A healthful diet will go a long way toward allowing your dog to feel physically calmer, which will set the stage for a tranquil emotional state. Making wise nutritional choices will also result in better overall health for your dog, which will be especially beneficial as he ages.

For additional information on how food and other external factors can affect your dog's behavior, purchase Don't Leave Me! by Nicole Wilde from Whole Dog Journal.