Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dogs thrive on attention

I think dogs thrive on attention!  We need to give our dogs structure, rules, and boundaries.
We need to mean what we say and we need to teach our dogs what is acceptable and what isn’t.
Newla jumps up on people at the door. 
 It’s okay Newla thinks, because every time she does this, she gets attention.
Even negative attention, we come running and scold her and she jumps more. Now Newla is

taken as soon as a paw leaves the floor and put in her crate. Yes I have been told never use the
crate for punishment.
Two things about this, Newla has a bedtime crate in our bedroom that is her bed and
her security if she ever feels she need it .
And secondly she is only put in the crate in the living room near the door for a short time.
She stays in the crate till she settles down. If she barks she is ignored until she is quiet
and then let out. This has been a long process to find the right training method even
though she is a very intelligent dog, we were not always consistent and every member of the

family didn’t always do the same thing. So make it easier for yourself and let the family and the

dog know what is expected so she understands, we really mean what we say!


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