Friday 31 May 2013

OVBCC has (2) volunteer agility instructors for the summer (thank you Heidi and Steve!) Classes start SATURDAY JUNE 1st, at the OVBCC field, and will run every SECOND SATURDAY going forward from June 1st. There is NO CHARGE to OVBCC members.
Newla my border will try her paw at agility wish us luck


It's never an easy thing to lose a pet. It's especially difficult when the cause of death is on the shelves of pet supply stores everywhere. Thousands of dog owners have had to watch their beloved pet suffer or die due to contaminated jerky treats from China. How can we stop it?

FDA investigators were blocked from production plants by Chinese laws and other barriers, making it nearly impossible to discover the source of the toxin and issue a ban on the product. Worse still, the Chinese companies that produce the treats have refused to voluntarily recall the contaminated treats, choosing profits over protection..

We cannot allow this pain and suffering to continue. Our only option is to call on the FDA to ban all dog treat imports from China until this matter is resolved!


Thursday 30 May 2013

Pug stock

As a vendor at Pugstock
I want to give kudos to Under my wing Pug Rescue
saving more then 200 dogs since 2006
the event was a huge success and hopefully many of the pugs up for adoption will
find their forever homes