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An Ottawa based full service goose control company specializing in Canada geese hazing using fully trained herding dogs.

The Border collie is an extremely intelligent breed that is energetic,and eager to please. Their energy and endurance is endless. Borders are aware of there surroundings, and are able to be trained to a high degree. I would have to say Borders are one of the hardest working breeds thriving on work, play, and praise.,
I think that is why the two owners; Nathalie Labelle, and Pat Nadarajah, both are dedicated dog owners and trainers of LOOKBACK goosecontrol, use Border Collies to control geese.
Border Collies use an intense stare to intimidate things into moving, the dogs are used to chase and herd the geese to another location.

We have a trailer on White Lake and the beach is covered with goose poop, its nasty. I think most golf courses must employ some means of goose control. I couldn't imagine trying to play golf stepping in goose poop or worse it interfering with my already bad handicap.
So check out Lookback goose control, keep the geese away so you will have safe clean beaches, golf courses, and fields where the Canadian geese no longer hang out.

Need more information on their services check out their website

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