Thursday, 6 March 2014


Anthropomorphism is the name given to attributing human qualities to that which is not human for
Example, our animals.
There is controversy and debates whether this is a healthy practice.  If we treat dogs like people,
instead of dogs are we placing unrealistic expectations on them. Dogs behave like a dog and we
train behaviours out of our dogs so they will adapt better, have more human like behaviours to live
a more harmonious life with us.

Big problem by treating dogs like humans we fail then to treat them as dogs. The relationship we
have with our dogs and the bond between man and dog is solid. But the down side is training, so
often our dogs don’t understand what we want and the relationship gets frustrating for both parties
if the dog acts like a dog and doesn’t submit to our wishes.
Dogs need to be dogs they need to run and play and chase and dig and bark and roll and we need to

let them. It will give both of our relationships balance.

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