Sunday 20 November 2016



Holly is a  healthy seven year old, spayed female,  black lab mix
Both her parents were black lab mixes
She weighs seventy five pounds and is rather tall and lean looking.
Her coat requires virtually no care, just the occasional bath but she does shed.
The reason we are looking for a new home for Holly is We are planning to move in with elderly grandpa and she is  too excitable with a man who is quite unsteady on his feet.
Holly would be better in a home with older kids or adults. She can be kind of too pushy for elderly or small children.
She is used to her crate and we do use it when new people come to the door or small children visit.
She is very reliably house broken.
Holly gets excited when new people come to the door but she is calm and loving with her own family.
Holly is not aggressive around her food bowl at all . You can easily take her food bowl away.
Holly is smart and very observant of routines. ( for example she observes that you are putting on work shoes so she knows she is not going anywhere vs you are putting old shoes or rubber boots and she knows she can go out in the yard with you.) We feel that she would quickly adapt to a new home environment with new boundaries.
Although she currently lives with a cat who shows her who is boss she would probably do better In a cat free home (she likes to chase)
She is good with other dogs, big and small.
Holly is not great on leash but has not had a lot of training in this area since we live on a rural property and just leave her off leash to play supervised. She has reasonably good recall especially if you have high value treats in your pockets.
Holly is free to a good home with all her gear.
We would be willing to let a potential owner try her for a weekend or week because we have time to do so.

Tammy and Guy Cote