Sunday, 9 March 2014


Newla is afraid of children, she is extremely sound sensitive, and is fearful of many things, children tops her list, men in sunglasses, women in hats, people that stare at her, her list is lengthy.
I own two Border collies both which are genetically predisposed to fearful behaviour. They have low self confidence and at times are very reactive.

I have talked about their issues in great depth with Trainers, their Vet, and dog behaviourists.
My job is to find out the ingrained behaviour and try to desensitize them.

Newla tries to run away if she is near children even if she hears them. Her fight or flight behaviour takes over. She is on a leash so flight isn't an option. The children are not near enough to fight so that's not an option either.

We continually expose her on her daily walks. We walk by a Daycare and treat her if she can sit quietly without attempting to run. We go to walk around PetSmart but stay for only short visits if she hears a child she becomes to nervous to focus on anything I say.

Trying to desensitize your dog is a long procedure exposing them to their fears and showing them nothing bad is going to happen.
I will never trust New with children, but I hope with constant exposure, we can live more harmoniously.

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