Tuesday 29 March 2016

Open House on May 14th RESTING PAWS ROAD RALLY !!!!!!!

Great News...
Empties for Paws Barrhaven & Area will take part in our Open House on May 14. Below is a list of things they collect and what they do. Please share this with your supporters and contacts. They can drop items off at the Open House or get in touch with them to see where to drop off.
ll manner of empties, - liquor, wine [including the bladders from the wine boxes], beer can, bottles, if you bought it at the beer or liquor store, we can cash it in.
mini kegs

culligan type water cooler jugs
Farm Boy juice bottles you pay deposits on
pop cans, aluminum pie plates, burner catchers, turkey pans, used aluminum foil, etc
all manner of kitchenware - cookie sheets, muffin pans, pots and pans, frying pans
copper, stainless steel and brass anything
all cords, including xmas lights
small kitchen appliances - blenders, microwaves, toaster ovens, toasters, kettles, etc
dvd, vhs players, boom boxes, stereos, speakers SMALL tv's only, satellite rec'r boxes, dead game boy, wii, xbox, etc
all things computer - towers, mother boards, printers, screens, lap tops, scanners, fax machines
cell phones, cameras
If you have a question about anything you wonder if we can turn it into $$$ to help the animals in rescues, please just ask! 
What we do is collect from people, or restaurants [empties] cash in to buy food, help with vetting costs for Vanier Street Cats and Adopt Me Cat Rescue. I upcycle old quilts, blankets, towels, etc into pet beds/pads, fashion toys out of microfleece fabric for tugg toys, make cat toys, rice blankets [warm up like a bean bag] for smaller pets to lay on for warmth. In turn I also make up “pet packages” for SafePet Ottawa – they foster pets for people fleeing domestic abuse – and shelters do not take pets – the pet packages are made for dogs and cats – and contain when possible: a washable bed I have made, two bowls, collar and leash, stuffy toy to love, ball for dog, cat nip toy for cat, wet and dry food, cat litter and sometimes an animal carrier. This becomes the pet’s own stuff – so when they can go back to their family – and nothing looks or smells the same – they have THEIR stuff for comfort!
We also work closely with Pet Resource Bank – the 4 groups of us – PRB, Empties, Vanier and Adopt Me all support each other and work together!
Patrick & Sabine Couture
Director / Secretary
Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Inc.
Bus: 613-656-0806

Saturday 12 March 2016


Dogs are no different then us, in the winter they to get dry itch flaky skin.
A few tips to help prevent dry skin

Plenty of water drinking lots of want help to keep your dog hydrated.
When your dog is well hydrated it means his skin has more elasticity.

Use a humidifier in the home to put more moisture in the air so its not so dry.
Bath your dog less in the winter months, but if you do bath them, dry completely.

Grooming your dogs coat, brushing will stimulate blood circulation which will improve the condition
of your dogs coat and skin.

Sunday 6 March 2016


I have come across ELDERDOG Organization at a few different events, I always wanted to write a blurb on my blog letting people know what a great work they do.

ELDERDOG is a national non-profit organization dedicated to aging people, aging dogs and the important connection they enjoy.


Gives Dog care Support to seniors
Has an Education and out reach
Older dog care and rehoming
Bereavement Support, Commemoration, Perpetual care

These programs enable seniors to continue to benefit from their relationship with their dogs
and provide a range of assistance and support.




Saturday 5 March 2016

Many Thanks

Much Thanks extended to Sandy Benoit the owner of CANINE TOUCH AND TELL for Donating
many items to SafePet Ottawa on Line Auction.

After hosting an Annual Puppy Love event in February to benefit SafePet she offered Items to the On-line Auction.

So we also thank Cricket and company, Biagio's, Knowthydog Canine First Aid , and of course
Canine touch and tell for contributing to these events.

We are very fortunate to have some of our volunteers organizing a fundraising online auction in support of SafePet Ottawa.
The auction will run from March 12 - March 19 and will be hosted on the 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Around the World From A-Z page. This is a closed group so please ask to join, they have a ton of fun while supporting some great causes.
If you are able to donate an item to the auction please contact Dayna by e-mailing her at: dayna@daynaspetsitting.com. Thank you so much for your ongoing support! Together we can make a difference!

Thursday 3 March 2016

Winter Hazards