Friday, 7 March 2014

Helping Aging dogs cope!

Helping seniors

5 simple steps to help our senior dogs get along better in their environment.

Night lights are helpful with older dog’s their vision is affected often with cataracts or other age related eye diseases. The little bit of extra light will help them maneuver around the house better.

Ramps are great for getting in the car or on beds or any surface that maybe too high for the older dog to jump up onto.

Lifters help with stairs many arthritic dogs can use a helping hand to go up a few stairs. The lifters just give the dog support so it doesn’t put more pressure on already sore joints.

Heated beds or thick cushions get the dog a warm soft place to sleep. Warm and soft beds are great for sore joints.

Monitor length of exercise if the dog is slow or lagging behind on walks or sitting or lying down during exercise he telling you it is too much for him. Allow to rest and offer plenty of water.

                                                                        lift aid giving support

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