Thursday, 28 August 2014

Trailer fun JUST CHiILLING

I learned a valued lessons yesterday, Newla my Border Collie loves the trailer she loves us being outdoors more then in and she loves the space.
Newla also love Frisbee above all else.
So we were hiking down a bell line since its a cleared part of the woods, tossing her Frisbee as she joyfully retrieved and brought it back for another throw. A young deer appeared well the chase was on I thank God that our Greyhounds where on leash.
NO amount of calling phased her. She was into the woods after the deer.
40 minutes a very long 40 minutes of searching calling and trying to get through thick bush with no results.
We stayed in the general area and she returned to us soaked and panting.
The rest of the stay was far less eventful rides in the canoe, the grey crashed out on the deck,
blowing bubbles for Rainer, and Hagrid our older border just likes to hang in the trailer he hates bugs.


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