Sunday, 3 August 2014


When choosing a dog breed, shedding may or may not be a factor but if it is, here is a list of the breeds that are the heaviest shedders and the lightest shedders.


Just going to give you a list of 10 top heaviest shedding dogs                                             

·        Alaskan Husky

·        Malamute

·        German Shepherd

·        Labrador Retriever

·        Golden Retriever

·        Siberian Husky

·        Akita

·        Chow Chow

·        Great Pyrenees

·        St Bernard

And a list of the least shedding breeds

·        Poodles all sizes

·        Bichon Frise

·        Chinese Crested

·        Yorkshire Terrier

·        Maltese

·        Chihuahua

·        Maltipoo

·        Golden doodle

·        labradoodle

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