Thursday, 24 April 2014

Story Time Thursday

 I worked at Vet Clinics for many years, surprising how often we would receive faxes on lost or stolen dogs and cats. We would post the faxes on our Bulletin Board in the reception area. Often these pets were micro-chipped.

A young women made an appointment for her new dog. Unfortunately for her we had just received a fax about a young male Boxer who had gone missing the week before. We removed the fax from the wall and the Vet asked many questioned, none of which she could answer. He told her he wanted to scan for a chip before chipping because sometimes when you don't know the dog's history he could of already been chipped. She allowed the quick scan and a chip was present. The women was told this was a stolen dog and we gave her the fax about the missing Boxer puppy. She agreed to hand over the dog and the next day he was reunited to his original owners.  Happy ending! Remember if that puppy hadn't of been Micro-chipped he would of had a very different life. Check out the Micro chip data base for your micro chipped pets!

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