Monday, 7 April 2014



Like many humans a lot of dogs also suffer from allergies. It’s disputed that many breeds are more susceptible to allergies however any dog can have allergies. But similar to humans your dog could have an inherited predisposition to allergies.

Unfortunately dog’s symptoms are usually persistent scratching licking and biting themselves in order to find some relief from the itchiness. Often creating sores and in several cases secondary infections.

Dogs that have allergies due to breathing in pollens are called Canine atopy. Atopy is an extra sensitivity to inhaled allergen. Typically your dog starts scratching around the same time every year usually late July early August through September. Atopy is a harder allergy to deal with because you can’t easily eliminate the offending allergen. The uses of Antihistamine therapy may prove useful. Some other treatments may include medicated baths to soothe skin, immunotherapy, steroid medications or injections.

Contact your dogs Veterinarian under veterinary care you can receive a cortisone shot that will help give your dogs relief from itchy skin. *Atopica is a relatively new medicine. Atopica offers your dog relief from atopic allergic dermatitis. This drug seems to be effective with far fewer side effects then steroid treatments.

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