Friday, 25 April 2014


                                  What can we do to better control our dog's GAS output!
FLATULENCE: Excess accumulation of gas in the digestion tract.
Unfortunately Chronic Flatulence needs to be managed because it can cause damage to the intestinal wall and also cause the guts to be bacterial resistance to toxins.

Certain breeds are prone to be a little more gasy, breeds like Bull dogs, Boxers, Bostons, the short muzzles usually means gulping more air while they eat. Using objects in food bowls to slow down eating can help with gulping to much air. Not only does it help with air intake but it helps control choking on food and the possibility of Bloat. 

If you have more then one dog, feeding the dogs separated, help to stop competitive eating. Dogs will down there food faster if they think another dog is going to take their food from them.
Besides air intake, the kibble itself can be the problem, using bigger kibble will  help slow your dog's eating. All kibble also has air in the kibble itself. Soymeal based kibble will produce more gases, also feeding dairy to dogs that maybe lactose-intolerant will inedible cause gas. Try feeding smaller meals more often.

Eating garbage or rotten foods will definitely cause short term flatulence. Having locks for garage cans or not access with be beneficial.

The last comment is also if your dog has soft stool and lots of gas. You may want to get a fecal sample check at the vets for Parasites.

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