Thursday, 6 February 2014



The hardest part about owning a dog or cat or any pet is they don’t live as long as we do. So its inedible, we will experience a terrible loss when they die.

Grieving it’s such a personal experience, I remember telling my daughters we could talk about Seger any time they wanted, little did I know that would be all they wanted to talk about. It was very hard for me, but I was the mother and they needed to grieve in a very different way than I did.

I found it hard at the beginning to look at pictures, but the photo albums were all the girls carried around with them at first.

Talking, looking at pictures, remembering funny stories, drawings, writing poems, getting a special cremation where you receive your dog’s ashes in an urn.  I have quite a few friends that tattoo their dogs name or foot print on them. These are all necessary to help grieve for our special family member.

My children and I would take a drive and they would tell me which way to go left or right until we were lost and just driving. Unfortunately I am already directional challenged and this was also before everyone had GPS in their cars or on their phones.  It help bond us as a family to share in our sadness.

We put together a healing photo album and drew pictures, the really nice thing is the photo album comes with us, one of our dogs we bury a special memory box under a tree she loved to lay under.

The memory box had her ball and collar and leash and toys. But we moved away from that house and I remember my daughter asking to dig up the memory box. We didn’t, we left it buried under her favourite tree.

All of us will miss, and cry, but we will all be better people for having shared in an animal’s life and having that animal touch our hearts forever.


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