Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dogs can’t lie but they can manipulate

Dogs can’t lie but they can manipulate

I watched my dogs interact and if one dog had a toy or bone the other dog wants, plans need to be implemented. The dog chewing happily on the bone knowing full well the other dog is waiting for the chance to nab it. Suddenly the dog without, runs to the window starts barking and carrying on. The dog reluctantly leaves the bone to see what all the commotions, is about. The dog that didn’t have the bone originally rushes back and grabs the bone. Mission accomplished!  Dogs often take advantage of opportunity when the owners away they will play. Going on couches or beds when they know they aren’t allowed. Counter surfing when you leave the kitchen. Going in the bathroom’s waste basket, and retrieving an empty toilet paper roll if the bathroom door is left open. The list goes on but really this is just a behaviour strategy to get what they want.  Lies no but maneuvers developed to reach goals, definitely.


                         Not suppose to bite the ball just push it with her nose she has other ideas

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