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If your dog's eye or eyes are bothering him, many of the symptoms are the same for many different conditions. The dogs may be pawing at his eyes, they may be red, itchy, watering, have a discharge. You will need to check out the eyes and try and determine what the problem is.
Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the eye lid and lining around the eye. If there is a discharge, and redness, but seem eyes seem painless this is usually indicates Conjunctivitis. If the discharge is green and the eyes seem painful contact your dogs Veterinarian. 

All topical medication, whether it is ointment, cream or liquid, comes with directions.  The directions will recommend the amounts and how many times a day the medication should be applied. Your veterinarian may give you special instructions that may differ from the package: if so, always follow your veterinarian’s advice.

                                                     Drawing by Matthew Bourgeois

If your dog’s eyes are red, itchy or swollen you can apply an eye ointment like Polysporin ophthalmic. If this condition persists you should call your veterinarian as your dog could have a scratched cornea or ulcers, both these conditions need veterinarian care.
Your veterinarian may prescribe eye ointments or drops. It may take two of you to give the eye drops. One person can hold the dog and the other person to administer the medication. Hold the dog’s head apply a few drops to either corner of the dog’s eye. Make sure the tip of the applicator doesn’t touch the eye. Bacteria could transfer to the eye medication applicator.

If using ointment a thin layer is applied across the dog’s eye. Follow label on medication.

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