Sunday, 1 December 2013

Temperature Regulation for Thyroid Testing

                             Basal Body Temperature Can Be An Effective Test For Measuring Thyroid Function
If your dog is over weight, lethargic, has a drab coat, losing hair on the tail area you may want to try a basal temperature test. For four day you take your dogs temperature as soon as you get up. Record it. If your dog has a low body temperature  this Is A Major Indicator Of Thyroid Status. Dogs normal temperature range from 100 to 102.5 F or 37.7 to 39c. If your dog's temperature is low you can then contact your veterinarian and have a T3 blood test done T3 not T4 is responsible for regulating the body core temperature.
Using the basal temperature provides us with information about how efficiently your dogs thyroid gland is actually working. Thyroid testing, done from a blood sample, only measures how much hormone is present in the blood not how the Thyroid is functioning. 

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