Friday, 20 December 2013

40% more visit to the vets at Christmas time

We over indulge at Christmas and want to share our bounty with our dogs. Unfortunately this isn't a good idea!
Pancreatitis is a common dog ailment at Christmas. Owners think they are being nice treating their dogs to Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. In reality these rich fatty foods can kill your dog. The pancreas produces digestive enzymes to break down the fatty foods in the intestine. These enzymes become over activated and release in the pancreas instead of the intestine. In short the digestive enzymes start to break down the pancreas.  Your dog will need veterinary care.
A bland diet and antibiotics are the usual treatment, but it will depend on how sick your dog is.
Pancreatitis is easier to avoid then treat. Be careful of what your dogs eat over the holidays.

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