Wednesday 18 December 2013


Pilling Your Dog

Generally a lot of medication given to our dogs is in a meatball made from canned dog food so there is no issue pilling. Or pill pockets a treat that hides the pill in a specially designed pocket for pills. Some dogs are smart and will eat a round the meatball or treat leaving the pills. Some medication needs to be given on an empty stomach. So you will need to know how to pill your dog, here is how
to pill a dog.
1. Place one hand over dog’s muzzle adding pressure with your thumb-behind the canine tooth-this will open your dog’s mouth slightly.
2. Take your other hand (the one holding the pill) and pull down on jaw.
3. Place the pill as far back and as centered on your dogs tongue as possible.
4. Holding the dog’s mouth closed, blow on its nose or stroke it’s throat. That helps swallowing.
5 If the dog licks his nose he more than likely has swallowed the pill.

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