Monday, 16 December 2013


The Halti collar works on the same principle as a horse's head collar; guide the head and the body will surely follow.
The Halti makes walking your dog easier an a safer experience.
Some dogs can get quite distressed when the collar is first fitted. They will scratch at their face and try to get the collar
off. The best way to fit the collar is first make sure that you have the right size for your dog! Then clip the collar on to the
dog, and have plenty of treats to distract him. Or feed the dog with the collar on. Or play ball, anything to keep him
occupied and to stop him focusing on the collar.
Holding your Halti by the noseband the Halti assumes the shape of your dog’s head, with the two rings under his chin. 
The collar section is adjustable using the slide.  When the when the buckle is securely closed it should fit your dog’s neck.
The adjustment of the collar section is critical so that it can't slip over the head, nor be so tight to cause discomfort.
A two finger slackness is the best guide. Having fitted the halti, see where the noseband naturally sit.
It should be down the nose and away from eyes. 
When you tighten the under-chin strap by the metal ring, it probably just
touches his jowls. 
When you release pressure on the chin strap, make sure your dog can fully open his mouth without restriction.

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