Friday 5 September 2014



Dogs pads on their feet, need tender loving care!

Dog’s pads need to gradually be exposed to the outside world to become more, tough and conditioned.

The thick spongy underfoot of your dog’s paw is his pad.

The pad is used to give your dog’s protection against the element hot or cold, absorb shock,
and give traction when they move. The pad also helps regulate your dog’s temperature by sweating
through the pads. 

Watch your dog playing, running, jumping, and see how much abuse your dog’s pads take.

Pad Care

The most common injuries to our dog’s pads are punctures, lacerations, cuts, and burns.

Common symptoms of pad injuries are limping, licking, bleeding , not walking on injured foot.

Common treatments  although it will depend on the injury of the pad. Wash the pad with antibacterial soap, rinse well and dry.
To stop bleeding apply pressure.

 Abrasions will need to be flushed to get all and any dirt particles out. Keep bandaged with a light dressing to keep clean. Keeping covered during the day and left to the air at night.

Using an e-collar on, your dog, to stop your dog from removing the bandage or continual licking the juried site.

If you can’t stop the bleeding or the wound is deep and isn’t healing properly you may need to take your dog to the vet for oral antibiotic and or antibiotic creams.

In the heat of summer roads can get very hot and even though dog’s pads are touch they still can burn.

Walk your dog on grassy areas whenever possible rinse feet with cool water. Watching where your dog is walking and if any sharp objects could be stepped on is proactive.

There are numerous products on the market to help toughen up your dog’s pads. In the winter many dog’s wear foot wear.

Just remember caring for your dog’s feet today may prevent injury another day.

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