Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dixie Needs a HOME

Dixie Needs a HOME

                                                  LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME FOR DIXIE

                              PLEASE HELP

Dixie is a 7 year old Border collie that worked at a Golf Course chasing away geese.

Unfortunately for Dixie, her people moved to the city last year. Dixie up until then had always

lived in the country and worked most of her life. She is unhappy in the city.

Dixie needs an active family she is good with kids, cats, and most other dogs.

Dixie does bark to let her people know what is going on around their home. Unfortunately

her people’s neighbours and landlord have made noise complaints against her. Many attempts to

curve the behaviour have been tried with no solutions.

Dixie does have cataracts in both eyes so vision isn’t 100%

She needs lots of activity to tire her out so she so she will be able relax and chill in her new home. 

If you can help Dixie find a home please email or call




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