Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wonderful Idea

Meals-On Wheels Program will deliver pet food along with senior’s meals.

It’s A Fact: Some seniors do without food and medications to feed their cats and dogs.

For many of our home-bound seniors, a pet is their only companion – the only barrier between chilling loneliness and serious depression. Everyone is affected by today’s uncertain economy, but none are hit harder than seniors on a fixed income or meager pension. All too often, senior citizens are making harsh, sometimes life threatening, decisions on how to budget their cash. We’ve all heard the stories of the elderly woman who “shares” her nutritiously balanced “meals on wheels” meal with her dog. Or the senior gentleman who no longer takes his blood-pressure medicine so he can feed his cat.
I know they have this service in the US and I will check further to find out if Canada is as progressive. Ottawa  does not have this program. maybe in the future!!!!

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