Thursday, 7 November 2013


I know this post is a little premature, but I keep watching the News and seeing how much snow Alberta already has.

So I thought I'd post about dealing with snowballs. If your dog's coat has extra long hair, you could consider trimming the hair to be a more manageable length. Winter coats and boots help keep snowballs from forming. Your dog's groomer may have some ideas. Products like mushers wax will help keep snow off your dog's feet.  A silicone-based grooming spray may also help repel some of the snow. Something like "The Stuff", Cowboy Magic, Chris Christensen's Ice on Ice, etc.. They make the hair slippery but won't leave a grease trail through your house. When your dog does come in from a snowy outing and has many snowballs a warm bath to melt the snow would be helpful. Drying them then maybe a paw moisturizer keeping the paws from cracking.

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