Wednesday, 4 September 2013


You should microchip your dog, it’s an effective safety tool to help send lost dogs home.

I have previously worked at vet clinics for 15 years and we have reunited numerous dogs with their families. Vet clinics, many rescues, and Humane societies have a universal scanner to scan to see if the dog is chipped.  If the dog is chipped it’s easy to find the owner as long as the owner has updated their residence.

I often think about my own experiences, all of my animals are micro chipped, and I am thankful they are.

It’s funny how walking in others shoes can change your opinion. I worked at an animal hospital and always had a hard time with dogs that were hit by cars. To me, I felt the owners were being irresponsible and this accident could have been prevented.

I became one of those owners, It was winter and I was walking my three dogs, two greyhounds and a border collie. My border collie was always in the lead. If you ever walked greyhounds they are like walking on air. I often would turn around to see if they were still with me. Well on one very slippery winter night, we were on our way home. A car was coming towards us so I pulled the dogs over closer to the curb. I was wearing huge mittens and I didn’t notice until it was too late that I had dropped Rory’s leash and she was standing in the middle of the road. The driver saw her before me and started to slow down, the road was ice and he couldn’t stop. Rory just continued to stand there watching as the car came towards her. The car bumped her and then she started to run heading for a busy street. I tried running after her with two dogs in heavy boots, but she was out of sight in seconds. I ran home to take the other dog’s back and to call a few friends to help look for Rory.  As we searched the neighbourhood, she was nowhere to be seen. I returned home to see if she had made her way home. My answering machine was flashing and I found out that someone had found her and she was fine.  She was a little shaken and had let her anal glands go but she was safe. We rushed over to get her and brought her home. Rory was chipped and was also wearing the chip tag on her collar.  I was very grateful to the couple that had cornered her on a street and brought her into their home.  I don’t know who was happier to see each other. I learned not to be so judgemental of others and to promote microchipping your pets. It can bring them (HOME SWEET HOME).


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