Friday, 27 September 2013


                                                      Dog Eating Magnets from the fridge

Magnets obstructions
Intestinal Obstruction is nothing new in the dog world. Dogs will pretty much swallow anything.
It’s up to you to keep your pet’s safe making sure toys and raw hides aren’t too small to swallow.
Never giving our dogs cooked bones that can splinter. An obstruction is any foreign object that is      
swallow and then interferes with the normal passage of content from the intestine to the anus.
Unfortunately dogs and young children have found a new obstruction, fridge magnets.
If your dog ingests more then one magnet the magnets can attract each other through the intestinal
wall, not only causing an obstruction but ulcerating the intestinal wall.  So keeping magnets high up
on the fridge out of the dogs reach will be a prudent prevention.

Symptoms of Intestinal obstructions
Symptoms may vary on where the blockage is but the most common signs are vomiting, lethargic,
off food, painful stomach,  and straining to have a bowel movement or not having a bowel
movement at all. Keeping a close watch on your pets and what they are chewing on will be the best
prevention to avoid this situation from happening.

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  1. Good point on the fridge magnets! In a lot of cases I've seen dogs might not show any signs at first except for seeming tired or 'slowed down' and/or a seemingly low appetite--they are hungry, they just either can't keep the food down or feel stomach or intestinal pain from the blockage. Better to get it checked than wait til there's internal damage!