Tuesday, 10 September 2013



Two main reasons to give your dog an enema are to treat for constipation or for dehydration.

There are a few items you will need.  A turkey baster or the sort of large bulb syringe you can get at any pharmacy. Pharmacies also sell enema kits that are ready made and contents measured.

You will need Vaseline and about 8 ounces of soapy warm water: 1 ounce for every ten pounds of animal. The soapy water is used for constipation and a saline solution is used to rehydrate the dog. The same doses are used for both methods.

Next, have towels ready.

    1. Place your dog into the bathtub

    2. Suck up soapy warm water mixture into syringe or the Saline solution

    3. Lubricate the end of the nozzle that goes into the rectum

    4. Insert the syringe into the anus, at least an inch

    5. Slowly squirt the soapy mixture into the rectum

    6. How much water inserted depends on the size of your dog [one ounce per10lbs]

    7. Once all the water is inserted, lightly squeeze your dog’s abdomen

    8. This should induce a bowel movement.

    9. Move your dog outside so he can continue to expel bowel movements

        in a better environment.
  10. If the dog is dehydrated give enema’s more often throughout the day

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