Tuesday, 29 July 2014



Often dog owner fail to realize that their dogs too are at risk of sunburn, especially white dogs with pink pigment on their noses and eye rims.

Also shorthaired dogs or dogs that have been shaved are at a higher threat.

When you are at risk of burning, you either remove yourself from the sun or lather on sunscreen.

However, even people who realize that dogs are at risk of sunburn fail to consider sunscreen for the family dog.

There are formulated Sunscreen Lotions and Creams for dogs. Stay away from sunscreen sprays even if formulated for dogs. Sprays can irritate nasal membranes. If canine formulations are unavailable, then sunscreen formulated for babies is appropriate for use on dogs. Adult sunscreens cause stomach upset if licked off. Never use products containing zinc oxide. According to VetInfo.com, zinc oxide can cause anemia, nausea and chills if your dog swallows enough of it.

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