Saturday, 24 August 2013


COPROPHAGIA Disgusting Habit of Stool eating.

Yuck, if you have ever see your dog eating poop, or had the pleasure of your dog breathing in your face after digesting poop, it is just nasty.  Female dogs will clean up after their young puppies, for two reasons one keeping the den clean and help avoid parasites. The stool is fresh so there is little time for parasites to incubate.

So why do a large number of dogs eat stool?

Dogs especially like cat’s stool this is logical because cats who eat dry kibble don’t digest all of the ingredients and so it comes out in their bowl movement. The dog’s find this a tasty treat.

There can either be medical or behaviour reasons for this bad practice.

Medical reasons could be Parasites, or malabsorption problems.

Behaviour reasons could be boredom; it also could be watching other house hold dogs and copying the behaviour. Some dogs play with poop only in the in the winter (Poopsicles). It could be hunger or stress. Whatever the reason talk to your dog’s vet or other dog owners to see how they may have dealt with this distasteful habit.


Feed your dog a good quality diet

Keep your dog well exercised / alleviate boredom

Keep cat litter boxes out of reach

Clean up poop as soon as your dogs go

You can try taste deterrents (not a long term solution)

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