Sunday, 4 August 2013

BEE Stings

Things to know  Unfortunately many of our dogs are allergic to bees. We may never know unless
we see our dog get stung and have to deal with a reaction. No the environment where your dog is walking. Know when you can treat at home or if you need Veterinary help.
If the sting is still in you many need to remove it using a credit card by scrapping the stinger out. If the bite is red swelling and localized an ice pack may be all you need to give your dog relief from the sting. You may want to give Benadryl to help control the histamines the body will start to create once stung. You can use a topical antihistamine cream applied to the sting area. If your dog gets hives or face or throat swelling you need to get your dog to the vets quickly Give Benadryl. This could be a condition called Anaphylactic reaction and needs Veterinarian before the Airway completely closes.

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