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How to Get a Reliable Come at the Dog Park


Training Tips - How to Get a Reliable

Come at the Dog Park

Some dog parks are so much fun for your dog, so many things to do and see and the dogs don't always want to go when it is time. Sometimes it is frustrating getting your dog to come at the end of their play sessions.
Here are some tips to make leaving the dog park a positive experience for both you and your dog.
  1. Start by practicing the come recall at home inside & outside in your yard.
  2. Add in distractions while practicing at home.
  3. When arriving at the dog park, practice a few recalls before your dog goes off to play.

    a. Start by doing a couple recalls while on leash, backing up when you call him.

    b. Then drop the leash and do a couple more recalls, backing up so he has to follow you a bit.

    c. Then unleash him and say go play.
  4. While watching your dog, look for signs that he is getting a bit tired. This would be a good time to call him again.

    a. Say your dogs name with the command come, when he comes to you reward him with lots of treats.

    b. Tell him to go play.

    c. Then call him again, this time give him some water or ice cubes, (a major reward for him).

    d. Then tell him to go play.
  5. Repeat step 4 again and then tell him to go play. This step is telling him that you are more fun, interesting, or rewarding to come to than whatever else he is doing.
  6. When getting ready to leave the park.

    a. Call your dog and reward him for the come.

    b. Do a couple of sits and downs after he has come to you, rewarding him every time.

    c. Then quietly hook the leash on him and say lets go.
By following these steps you are creating a positive experience for both you and your dog when leaving the dog park.
If you have any questions on these training tips or would like information on other training tips, please send me an email at or give me a call at 613-253-5535.

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