Tuesday, 27 January 2015



SAFEPET Ottawa fosters companion animals for Women and their Children who need to exit from domestic violence into the safety of local Violence Against Women (VAW) Shelters.

We are Veterinary Clinics, Fosters, Behaviourists and sometimes your next door neighbour.

We provide necessary Veterinary intake and long or short-term fostering for the duration of a woman’s stay in Shelter.
Upon exiting from Shelter, we re-unite owners with their pets: so that they can move into a better future together.

In Ontario, 48% of women who should be exiting from situations of domestic violence delay leaving-or do not leave at all. They are afraid to leave their companion animal behind, lest it become their proxy at the hands of the batterer.

Delay can be deadly. Please consider becoming a SafePet Volunteer.
SafePet saves lives.

For more information: http://safepetottawa.ca/

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