Monday, 12 May 2014


Prevention is the best action against Heartworm.
Ontario Veterinary College recommends that dog owners, are to have
their Veterinary do a blood test annually or at least every second year; testing your dog’s blood for microfilariae. If negative your dog will be put on a six month prevention program that will cover the mosquito season. Without the blood test or an annual check up these products aren't accessible.

Fortunately these de-worming medications usually work on a combination of different parasites.
Revolution, Heartgard, Sentinel, Intercepter, as wonderful as these products are they are pesticides,
ivermectin and pyrantel. Revolution from Pfizer's is like the Cadillac of parasite kill, it kills fleas, ticks, roundworm, whipworms, mange ear mites the list goes on. It also claims it kills slower so the product doesn't kill all the microfilariae at once which could cause a catastrophic reaction in your dog.
 I have and do use these products on my dogs, but I am looking into more homeopathic and natural
products for Heartworm which we will discuss tomorrow.

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