Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Playing Hide and Seek

You can play Hide and Seek this game with just you and your dog, or with you and another person and your dog.

Your can play this game anywhere in or outside
Call your dog to you
Have your dog sit and stay
Walk away then call your dog to you and praise or treat when your dog comes
Continue the game by having your dog stay and start going further and further or around a corner.
Call your dog to you if your dog come to find you lavish treats or praise
Make it fun.

You, your dog, and another person
Have your dog sit beside you
Have the other person have a treat and walk away calling the dog to them
Release the dog to go find the other person.
When the dog finds the other person have the person praise and treat.
Repeat Repeat Repeat
Eventually your dog will understand the find command, and your game of Hide and Seek or Find
it is born,

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