Saturday, 27 July 2013

Light Up Leash FUN and Safe! Think its a good idea

Light Up Leash FUN and Safe!

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Do you like to walk your dog at night and in the early mornings? I know you get busy with work during the day and don't have time to take your dog out for a walk until it gets late. How do you keep your pet safe at night? If your pet is anything like my old Golden Retriever, Rusty, then they will chase whatever they see and want explore the world. This became a problem when he would run on the street. I was afraid that he would run in front of a car, especially at night. How is a car supposed to see a dog on the street at night?
We want to treat our dog like family, and keep him as safe as we can. When people go out for walks at night, they wear bright colours or reflectors so that people can see them. Doesn't it make sense to do the same thing with dogs? I saw this really cool leash, called the Litey Leash, that would have been great for my dog Rusty. It's a leash that lights up to keep your dog safe! There are 5 different light up leashes: yellow, blue, pink, red, and green.
How cool would it be to walk your dog with a light up leash. Your dog will not only be the star of the night, but they will be safe.  Why worry about your dog's safety when you can light up the leash?

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