Saturday, 1 June 2013

Modifying Aggressive Behavior by Pat Miller

Though this was worth posting

Modifying Aggressive Behaviorby Pat Miller
There are a host of things you can do to lower general stress in your dogs’ environment.

If you’ve ever had a massage, you know how calming touch can be. Dogs aren’t that different from us; you can calm and soothe your dog with physical touch, both through canine massage and TTouch. Combine your calming touch sessions with aromatherapy, by using a therapeutic-quality lavender essential oil in an electric nebulizing diffuser in the room while you massage your dog. Then you can build your dog’s “ahhh” association with the lavender scent to help him be calm in more stressful environments, by putting a few drops of essential oil on a bandana that you tie around his neck or on the bedding in his crate.

For more details and advice on aggressive dog behavior, purchase Whole Dog Journal’s ebook, Modifying Dog Aggression.

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