Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Emma our Greyhound was running around the back yard when she cut her leg. It could be the sharp edge of snow or she may have clipped something as she ran by. Emma has extremely thin skin, and no  hairy coat to protect her. When Emma cuts herself the cut just opens up.

So what we do is clean the cut with antibacterial soap, rinse, flush with a sterile saline solution in case of any debris. We put an antibiotic ointment we use emu oil it a natural antibiotic. Then we place a sterile dressing over the wound then gauze and wrap with vet wrap.  With wet snow Emma will need a plastic bag put on her bandage to keep it dry when she goes outside.

We will leave the wrap on overnight but will remove the bandage and see how it looks. Tonight we will leave the wound to the air so it can heal fast.

                                                           Day two on the mend

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