Monday, 10 March 2014


                                                                 Natural healing remedies

As a child, we used steeped teabags cooled in the refrigerator to place on insect bites or for swollen itchy eyes.
I used that same procedure of cold steeped teabags on my dogs eyes the folic acid and vitamin B9 help soothe red itchy irritated eyes. Flavonoids is in many teas and it helps boost the immune system.

Often we forget that our own kitchen cupboards can have a wealth of natural remedies to care for us and our dogs health.

Different teas provide different solutions, Chamomile tea is used to settle upset stomach or calm anxiety. Chamomile has disinfecting effects and can be also used on minor cuts. 
Black and Green teas are used to help prevent cancer and may be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease. Talk to your dog's veterinarian or a Holistic vet to learn more about the many natural remedies we could use to promote a more healthy dog.

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