Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Accident waiting to happen, and it did.

Thursday is story time, here is a story which I hope will save another dog, from a painful paw.

Rory our greyhound loved going to the trailer. Unfortunately she wasn't crazy about the two steps up into the trailer or coming out. The steps were a metal grate, with little round circles. Then one day when Rory was taking her time coming down the steps her nail slipped into a circle and she jumped down leaving her entire nail behind. She yelped and had totally de-gloved her nail.

It took a good 10 days of diligent care keeping her paw clean and bandaging daily.
At bedtime all dressing and bandages were off so air could do its heeling magic.
We covered the stairs with stick down tile so the metal grate was no longer accessible
Rory my sweet Rory her nail healed but we learned a valuable lesson at her expense.

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