Saturday, 30 July 2016

What You Feed Your Dog Could Have an Impact on Allergies


If your dog’s allergies are year round instead of seasonal chances are your dog has food allergies. Common symptoms are ear infections, excessive scratching, red or scaly skin

hair loss and skin infections. Once your veterinarian has identified that the dog doesn’t have mites by skin scraping, then it’s safe to suspect food protein in your dog’s diet is the culprit.


Your vet will recommend a special hypoallergenic diet to try. A two- month trial will be needed to make a correct diagnosis. You must be diligent to feed your dog only the new diet and nothing else while you are trying to identify the allergen. Once you identify your dog’s allergy to be food protein you must avoid giving your pet that food or similar treats. Then the reaction should disappear. Symptoms will return if these types of proteins are reintroduced into your dog’s diet.

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