Sunday, 24 January 2016

Managing Arthritis in our dogs!


We as dog owners need to be more hands on and aware of our dog’s environment.

Arthritis is a painful disease which is the inflammation of joints.

There are many things we can do to help our pets manage this disease.

The first major control is keeping your dog’s weight regulated. Any extra weight causes
stress on the dog’s joints.
 Arthritis is a joint disease where the spacing and fluid between the joints has deteriorated. This means the joint’s bones can rub against each other causing inflammation and a lot of discomfort for the sufferer. The joints become stiff and painful to move. Dog becomes less mobile and again weight can be gained because of lack of exercise. 
There are many ways to help your dog cope with arthritis, one is massage. Hydrotherapy pools are available where your dog can exercise in a warm salt water pool relaxing and help strengthen muscle around inflamed joints. Tread milling your dog you then have control of the speed and distance your dog walks Also if it’s cold outside or slippery terrain you can keep your dog safe and warm. The cold aggravates arthritis so exercising inside in the extremely cold winter days will help. Manufactures have developed heated dog beds or magnetic beds to help alleviate discomfort.  Having lift aids to help your dog with stairs or get up can also benefit your dog.
Drugs like Non –steroid anti-inflammatories seem to help but unfortunately have some side effects. Glucosamine combined with chondroitin is also used to help support joint care. There are Dog Foods and treats that are geared to help with mobility. Traumeel is a holistic cream or pill which helps with inflammation.

So the best approach for helping your dog deal with Arthritis is weight control, exercise management, medications and a warm draft free bed. 

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