Friday, 30 January 2015

Wound care

Wound care
While out playing Frisbee in the snow Newla cut her stop pad on some crusty snow.
Our next step was stop playing and walk calmly home. The cold snow help restrict blood vessels so
the bleeding slowed, similar to icing a wound.
Once we were home the foot was examined. Just a slice in the pad not deep enough to need veterinary care. The foot was washed with an antibacterial soap dried and left to the air, too heal.

Pad Care
The most common injuries to our dog’s pads are punctures, lacerations, cuts, and burns.
Common symptoms of pad injuries are limping, licking, bleeding , not walking on injured foot.
Common treatments 
Although it will depend on the injury of the pad. Wash the pad with antibacterial soap, rinse well
and dry. To stop bleeding apply pressure.
Abrasions will need to be flushed to get all and any dirt particles out. Keep bandaged
with a light dressing to keep clean. Keeping covered during the day and left to the air at night.
Using an e-collar on, your dog, to stop your dog from removing the bandage or continual licking
the juried site.
If you can’t stop the bleeding or the wound is deep and isn’t healing properly you may need to
take your dog to the vet for oral antibiotic and or antibiotic creams.

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