Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Our Relationship with dogs By Dr. Bruce Fogle


Never ever leave a young child unsupervised with a dog.

Learn the danger signs

1.      Signs of fear in a dog- flatten ears, averted gaze, cowering, tucked tail- may be followed by defence bite.

2.      Signs of overt aggression in a dog- a direct stare, alert ears, raised hair on back, raised tail, bared teeth, barking, or growling,-may be followed by an aggressive bite.

3.      Even if your own dog loves being petted, remember there are other dogs that are fearful and will bite if approached.

4.      Be calm and careful around dogs; do not shriek, scream, wave hands around, cry, or suddenly run.

5.      Never ever touch any unknown dog without first asking the owner whether the dog can be petted.

6.      Never enter a yard in which there is a dog, especially a dog tethered by chain or rope.

7.      Leave dogs alone when they are eating, sleeping, or playing with a favourite toy.

8.      Never take such as toys, bones, or chews from dogs.

9.      Never sneak up on a dog, try to scare it, or force it where it doesn’t want to go.

10.   Never bend over dogs, which can be interpreted as threatening.

11.   Always eat where dogs cannot try to grab food.

12.   Children should never bury their faces in a dog’s hair, even if the dog is gentle of individuals.

13.   Children should never play roughhouse games with a dog, even if adults do.

14.   Children, must not tease a dog, because this can trigger both fearful and dominate dogs to bite




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